What Is 123Movies

123Movies is a website that existed for decades serving millions of people free streaming movies and TV shows from around the globe. The story begins with Vietnam a group of people launched the original 123movies.toGoMovies123MoviesHub was a file streaming websites.


And was unblocked from the major ISPs in many countries. 

At that time, it was called the “Most Popular Illegal Streaming Website” As Per Wikipedia. 

Right after, they began to serve the same database over other domains to bypass ISP blocking. Like 12Movies Unblocked Site, but they were still facing the same problems and DMCA takedowns. 

Which was a great opportunity for other people to hijack the same name under different domain extensions. 

On top of that was 123Movies.go, 123Moviesgofree, and many more. People began to go to such services because they offer free movies, TV shows for free without registration or any kind of subscription. Big companies like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu they began to notice some damage to their income stream, as websites like 123Movies at their peak they receive 98 million visitors a month which lead to getting noticed by governments. 

Accordingly, countries began to block their websites, mirrors, and copycats. And this normally happened due to the amount of damage they caused to big production companies. 


123Movies.la is another big mirror serving the same index of movies and tv shows. However, they keep blocked from countries and slapped down by Google. But they still functioning and operating normally. 

And then people began to be hungry for such type of content more and more. 

So the owners who behind 123movies la , began to clone this website over a few domains to dominate the search engines with this content. 

And people began to head over 123Movies Reddit subreddit where the users share the websites which still offering Free streaming links like 123Movies new websites and domain names. 

Here we launched the best version of 123Movies1.me where we are having a big index of movies and tv shows which is updated on a daily basis. 

To serve the people the best content and keep them engaged, we have a separate section for each genre, movie, and tv series. And it’s pretty easy to filter movies by Year, director, actors, and many more cool features. 

You will notice that we are having a tiny amount of ads which help our website to keep up and running. And giving the people the most quality value.