What if Server 1 doesn’t work?

We always try to put at least 2-3 Servers so if the first one doesn’t work try the others because one of them should work.

Please click on report and let us know which server is not working or just write it on the comments section below.


What if the movie quality is not the best?

We always try to put servers with the best quality possible so if the quality isn’t the best it is because there is not better quality available yet. When there is we will replace the server with one with better quality, so please be patient with us.


What if i find a bug or something is not working?

We are a very small team still so we can’t check all movies and episodes every day for bugs, so if you find something wrong please let us know through the Report section or through the comments section. These way we can fix the problem straight away.


There is a movie or tv show that you want to watch but isn’t available on our website yet?

Please send us an email to [email protected] with the request and we will add it as soon as possible.


Every time i click on the play button a new window opens up, what is this?

This are pop-up ads from the server. This is not on our side and we can’t control what type of ads they show you. Also understand that, that is how these servers make money and are able to provide this service for free. We always try to pick the servers with the least amount of ads. Some even have no ads at all!